HR Coordinator

Posted by: Jeff Greenberg | Posted on: November 16, 2021

Position Summary:

The Human Resource Coordinator shall be the primary caretaker of the Company’s personnel. The HR Coordinator has responsibility for recruiting and onboarding new staff, facilitating training development and execution, administering TKC’s compensation programs, and mediating employee concerns. The HR Coordinator helps to create a culture of quality and excellence through developing and implementing innovative practices to care for people who care about their work and their colleagues. As a department of one, the HR Coordinator would have significant influence over their work, and within the company in general.

Essential Job Duties: Recruiting, onboarding, mediating

  • Help build a culture of people who care: about food, about others, about work, and about making the world a better place.
  • Lead TKC’s recruiting efforts for office and factory employees
  • Onboard new employees
  • Facilitate and/or delivery training on SOPs
  • Facilitate performance reviews, employee corrective action plans, and employee advancement
  • Develop improvements that make TKC more attractive to potential and current employees.
  • Manage time clock and payroll vendors
  • Facilitating the translation of Company documents into Spanish
  • Help professional staff stay well-networked by facilitating participation in online and in-person associations: LinkedIn, IFT, Naturally Boulder, etc.

Competitive compensation in the range of $42-58k* per year plus bonuses and benefits (*d.o.e.)

To apply, please visit our posting on Indeed.

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